AUTOLUX helps you achieve the dream of having your own business.

We are a registered trademark operating with its own hand wash system that combines washing, vacuuming and cleaning of interiors in shopping centers and high vehicular traffic sectors. AUTOLUX helps you achieve the dream of having your own business allowing you to be part of a high demand industry with low initial investment, low operational costs and few employees. AUTOLUX accompanies you before and after the whole process.  With us, the investor can achieve his dream of economic independence by having all the specialized technical and business support he needs, thus reducing the risks involved in entering the franchise market alone.  Make a smart investment, supported by impeccable service and an unbeatable professional experience.

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What are the steps to Acquiring a franchise?

  1. Call AUTOLUX immediately at 407-446-2222
  2. Read all the documentation (FDD) offered by our technical group.
  3. Sing a Franchise Contract.

How to find a place for a business?

By initiative and personal management, submitting to AUTOLUX alternatives and/or preferences of locations that are available and can be corroborated.  Or through our inventory of available options, in shopping centers, departments stores, and buildings in different locations throughout the country.

Is training offered to operate the franchise?

It is a fundamental part of our offer of service to train the entrepreneur interested in franchising, in the core aspects to manage his business, including marketing and finance.

What product quality level uses the franchise?

We have a line of high-quality products, selected through the most rigorous evaluation of its ingredients and its manufacture. Our skills and vast experience in negotiations with local, national and international suppliers allows us to have access  to significant savings in costs, allowing a highly competitive pricing for the benefit of customers.

How much can you win with the franchise?

All investment in business involves a level of risk that is minimized by a rigorous market study, an intelligent criterion of operational expenses, a strategic marketing that responds to the interest, preference and demand of the client, and competition, among other important factors. The sustainable development of the business is in the hands and control of the franchisee.

Will I receive assistance and advice before and after the business has been established?

AUTOLUX offers logistic, operational, marketing and accounting support, in a consistent and permanent manner, before, during and after the business is established.

Is financing provided?

We have banking institutions and cooperatives available to evaluate viable alternatives for financing the business.

Can you acquire more than one franchise?

There are no limits for an entrepreneur who wants to invest in proven business models such as those offered by AUTOLUX and extend its operations to all available territories.